Alabama Wine Trails

Plains & Coastal Wine Trail

​Moving further south in Alabama, you'll come across the Plains and Coastal wineries.  These wineries are lcoated near some of the best that college football has to offer and the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico!  It is also home to Alabama's oldest winery!     

Hodges winery - whippoorwill vineyards - perdido vineyards - Hidden Meadows Vineyards -  Bryant Vineyards

Alabama Wine Trails

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​​​North Alabama Wine Trail

​​North Alabama wineries are nestled in the  mountains and valleys near rivers and streams among Alabama's largest lake.   A combination of geology, soils and climate is what gives the wine growers of North Alabama the opportunity to grow all sorts of fruits.  They grow it all, from the CABERNETS to the mighty MUSCADINES, as well as yummy FRUIT wines!   They embrace their heritage and believe you'll find something unique at each winery!  

Jules J. Berta Vineyards - Wills Creek Vineyards - Maraella Winery - White Oak Vineyards - High Country Cellars - ​The Fruithurst winery co.

Shelby Wine Trail

​Just south of Alabama's largest city, Birmingham, aka the The Magic City, is the Shelby Wine Trail.  Most of these wineries sit inside the Shelby County line but a couple lie next to it's boundaries.  These aren't just your city slickers wineries ither.  These five wineries are your excursion wineries where you'll find train rides, bistros, and Alabama's largest winery.     

Corbin Farms Winery - Ozan Winery - Morgan Creek Vineyards - lewis lakes vineyard